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Professional Air & Dryer Duct Cleaning

Watch out for signs that it’s time for dryer duct cleaning

The most notable one is that the dryer takes longer to dry the clothes. It will also get hot to touch while working. The room where the dryer is may also feel steamy. This is especially the case when the space is small and doesn’t have windows. Cleaning the dryer duct involves removing the lint built up inside so that it can work at its full capacity.

Always have your air ducts cleaned after a home renovation

If your home has gone through a remodeling or renovation, especially if there was any lead paint removal, asbestos abatement, or a significant amount of dust, it's likely your ductwork needs to be cleaned. During a home renovation, your air ducts are supposed to be sealed off, but if they were not, then dangerous dust and debris may have become lodged inside the duct work. Our experts will remove every trace of dust and debris from your home's air ducts and leave your home clean and fresh all day long.

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