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What are the effects of a dirty HVAC unit?

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems become breeding grounds for bacteria and other microorganisms if not cleaned regularly. Our specialists strongly advise regular maintenance cleaning for HVAC units so that residents and guests can enjoy a fresher and cleaner air.

How do you perform residential air duct cleaning?

You need the proper equipment, experience, and knowledge to thoroughly and efficiently clean your air duct or ventilation system. A residential air duct cleaning service will ensure that your HVAC is in working order, free from contaminants to provide superior air quality for your home.

What are the adverse effects of a contaminated air duct?

Homes or offices with dirty air ducts have more contaminants and inferior air quality, affecting the health of people who breathe them. Our professional cleaning experts can help alleviate the spread of diseases with their experience and proper cleaning tools.

Why does mold grow inside the HVAC system?

This is a type of fungus which grows in warm and humid places. Our experts explain that it typically occurs in systems that have water leakages or improper drainage. It usually grows inside the ducts and often it can be noticed with basic inspection. The solution includes not only mold removal, but elimination of the underlying cause of the problem.

Can I use a HEPA filter for my HVAC system?

Theoretically, this is possible, but it’s not recommended. While HEPA filters capture 98% of air pollutants including pollen and mold spores, they restrict the natural air circulation. The HVAC system does not have the power to pump all the air which it circulates through these filters. Simply put, they will make the system ineffective and less energy-efficient and it is not practical to trade this for lower air pollution.

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